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A Resume is a Personal "Sales Tool"?  YES!!!....

Think of your resume as your best friend. The one that always lifts you up and tells you how awesome you are! OK. Maybe your mom! I want to be that person. I want to know who you are and how you work. That's what every employer wants to know when they read a resume. When you read your resume does it tell about those countless hours dedicated to furthering your career, progressive promotions, work ethic, pride of work, safety record, years of service and successes?


If it doesn't it should. Let us write the story of you. There's more to you than bullet points and employers are looking for people who know their worth. I have mastered the art of building a resume that quickly and purposefully addresses the character qualities and skill set that companies want to hire. You deserve to be compensated for your talent and skills. Don't hold your life hostage and miss out on great opportunities because of a bad resume.

A bad resume will get thrown out immediately or lost in a database especially if you do not have keyword content, you will never come up in an ATS search. The competition is real, you need to be prepared with the best resume. You have to stands out visually and sagaciously. Empower yourself and your job search with us. We want more for you! 

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Just the Facts

  1. Expertly written and keyword-optimized resume that is written for your specific industry.

  2. Formatted for Success - Formatting that will get an Employer's attention.

  3. Keyword Optimized - The resume will be optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems.

  4. You will receive a Microsoft Word document that you can modify and add information at your convenience.

  5. You will receive a PDF as well.

Pro Resume Pack

  1. Professional Resume

  2. Formatted for Success

  3. Keyword Optimized

  4. Cover Letter - Because employers are 60% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter!

  5. 6 Printed Copies - Mailed to the address on the resume.

  6. Email of both Resume and Cover Letter in Microsoft Word format so you can update or modify.

Executive Priority

  1. Executive Resume Specialist

  2. Formatted for Success

  3. Keyword Optimized

  4. Cover Letter

  5. LinkedIn Makeover - 97% of employers use LinkedIn when reviewing a candidate for employment; we will update and rewrite your profile for optimal representation.

  6. Distribution to Recruiter Network

  7. Word and PDF Files

Job Search Assistant

  1. Meeting at your convenience.

  2. Professional Resume

  3. Professional Cover Letter

  4. LinkedIn Makeover

  5. Headhunter Liaison

  6. Distribution to Recruiter Network

  7. Online Submitting

  8. Interview Preparation

  9. Thank You Letter

  10. Acceptance Letter



"In economic times like these, it pays to put a little extra effort into your resume and get a leg up on your competition. "


—  Supercharge Your Resume