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My husband is the biggest and most awesome story teller (nicknamed Mother Goose) and I have always been an artist and writer. Together we are so very blessed to have this beautiful life together. Our priorities? God and Family... Ultimately this is all that matters. Spending quality time together as a family is exactly what God designed for our lives. I will never have to work the way I did for most of my life. Regularly working 80+ hours a week, missing precious moments with my kids, building a career that had no worth in a matter of minutes. My husband and I have been together for over 12 years! It hasn't been the smoothest road, but we are very happily married. Good, bad or ugly we always tell each other and our kids the truth. That one thing is the most important lesson they will learn and has made our lives infinitely better. Now when I wake up and get to be home with my family another day, its an invaluable treasure. We teach each other how to be filled with faith, love and hope. Living the life of Jesus, loving, caring and taking care of each other and others before everything else. Being considerate and positive contributors to society with the ability to care for themselves and continue spreading the news of Jesus' sacrifice is my humble prayer as a mother, wife and daughter.

We created The Wired Resume to help really good candidates get really good jobs. I am the writer and graphic artist that will help you with your Resume, Cover Letter, Marketing Material, and website design.


"The resume that manages to convince hiring managers to call them by tactically highlighting the best traits required for the job at hand, are more often selected for interviews than others, who although seem qualified, do not understand the principles of building a "well formatted representation" of their skills. We have been helping people build useful tools to help them market their particular skill set and get interviews. Once you get a call to interview we can coach you in proper interview etiquette and technique.


Whether you are searching for a new job, transitioning into civilian life, seeking a career change, or just browsing for better opportunities, it is imperative to have a distinguished and well tailored resume that showcases your unique abilities and talents. There is only one you and your resume should be just as unique and should cover why you are the best candidate.


Your resume must also meet the industries changing search methods, gone are the days that someone sat and read through a pile of resumes. Enter the "Scan and Keyword" search. We "WIRE" your resume with job specific keywords, meta-tag properties and formatting that is in an electronically readable format that facilitates higher search hits resulting in your resume getting more views.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and offer free resume evaluations. Have a blessed and happy day!