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Visual representations of your ideas.

Graphics & Writing...

After years of doing resumes, graphic design, proposals, slide decks, spreadsheets, presentations, RFP's, RFI's and any other marketing and proposal group in a company does I had to leave work behind to recover from Idiopathic Granulomas Mastitis. After 29 surgeries and 12 years of chronic illnesses later doing this works best for me. God provides!

I love to paint and do digital design templates, logos, shirts, etc. I can help brand your company and write your marketing material. I can also help you promote your company and get you more business.

I have helped over 500 people get interviews! In all those people I have only ever had one complaint. I try my best to make everyone happy and help them to achieve their career or life goals. It's important that we take time to really invest in others and their success, not just live for our own. Being sick and seeing so many others suffering really makes you value each and every day.

I hope that I can help you achieve your goals and help make your dreams a reality!

Many blessings!


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We have 7 kids, 5 grown and 2 at home (+14 grand-kids).

We try to make everyday as happy and memorable as possible. It's not always easy to do all the right things and mistakes and heart breaks are bound to happen, but if we all stick together and remember our creator first we can make this a better life.

These are few of my favorite logos. Ryan helped create the Mosquito Scouts logo and Addison helped me create the 3 Girls Garage.